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Whatever Your Goals Are, Or Wherever your financial journey takes you, Let us help you get you there.

Spartan Ives Wealth FutureSave Account, let’s you maximise your savings and reach your goals with an account that offers you the best of both worlds get the benefits of a savings account and the growth of an investment account.


Spartan Ives Wealth's FutureSave account gives you the flexibility of a savings account and the benefits of an investment account.

Spartan Ives Wealth’s FutureSave Account is a tax-advantaged account that allows you put away a fixed amount of money per month towards your goal.

  • Reach your life goals faster
  • Put away what you can afford from as little as R300 per month
  • Choose how long you want to save
  • Grow your savings with one of the best annual interest rates in the world.
  • Save from anywhere in the world
  • Save a fixed amount for as long as you want.
  • No Admin or Management fees
  • Pay your monthly contributions to your fund via Debit Order, Credit or Debit Card.
  • Earn 10% annual interest rate
Spartan Ives Wealth | Investment And Wealth Management Company In South Africa

Simple. Affordable Saving for everyone.

Open you savings account in just a few easy clicks, please note to the high costs of debit order and the risk associate with them we are now only taking credit and debit cards for monthly payments until stated otherwise. To open an account you will need a valid debit card or credit card with the first months amount you want to save

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