Spartan Ives Wealth

Who We Are

Spartan Ives Wealth is a multinational financial services and investment company that assists individuals and institutions from all around the world with Venture Capital, Retirement Saving, Private Banking, Wealth and Asset Management, Credit, Saving, Investment Management, Insurance and number of other financial related services.

Who We Are


Spartan Ives Wealth is an investment company, that offers a selection of low-cost mutual funds, ETFs, advice, investment banking and a host of related investment and saving products services. 

Spartan Ives Wealth | Investment And Wealth Management Company In South Africa


Spartan Ives Wealth’s core values of focus, integrity, and stewardship are reflected every day in the way that we engage with our clients, our employees, and the communities we serve.

Spartan Ives Wealth | Investment And Wealth Management Company In South Africa


Our stand on investment Stewardship functions as a natural extension of our values and those of Spartan Ives Wealth’s core purpose: and that is to guide our clients funds and optimize returns through sustainable and ethical investing.

"We believe that effective corporate governance is an important aspect in every company and should be one of the pillars that guide Spartan Ives Wealth's long-term success and  sustainability, this will not only guide us to sustainable growth but it will also translate in to good returns for our clients.!"

Thomas Jay Ellis

Spartan Ives Group CEO

Our Investment Approach and Philosophy

Spartan Ives Wealth Consistency.


It is our belief that a superior record is best built on a high batting average rather than a mix of brilliant successes and dismal failures.

Spartan Ives Wealth | Investment And Wealth Management Company In South Africa


Skill and hard work can lead to various untapped advantages, that can lead to superior investment results. But we do not believe this can occur in so-called efficient markets, where large numbers of participants share roughly equal access to information and act in an unbiased fashion to incorporate that information into asset prices. We believe there are less efficient markets in which dispassionate application of skill and effort should pay off for our clients, and it is only in such markets that we invest.

Spartan Ives Wealth | Investment And Wealth Management Company In South Africa


Specialization offers the surest path to the results we, and our clients, seek. as such each of our portfolios do just one thing — practice a single investment specialty — and do it absolutely as well as it can be done. The availability of specialized portfolios enables our clients interested in a single asset class to get exactly what they want.

Industries We Invest in


Energy & Transportation

Spartan Ives Wealth’s energy fund invests in sustainable energy and transportation companies based on published Environmental, Social and Governance data. We also include industries such as Mining, Automotive, Rail, Aerospace, Green Energy, Oil and Gas.



The Spartan Ives Wealth Technology Fund only invests in technology companies and stocks as well as Fintech companies, Our goal is to help fund and grow start-ups building the next disruptive technology.


Infrastructure & Real Estate

With The Spartan Ives Wealth Property Fund we aim to create a a low-cost, diversified portfolio of quality, sustainable real estate, by combining state-of-the-art technology with leading in-house expertise we minimize associated fees, management cost and maximize long-term returns.


Entertainment & Sports

Our goal is to invest in sporting franchises and the associated ancillary companies that benefit from the multi-billion-dollar sports business as well as sports entertainment as well as film, music, gaming, cinema and festivals.



Through our venture capital fund we are driven by building high-growth companies, We believe that companies are built when entrepreneurs are partnered with venture professionals who have the experience to accelerate growth, cultivate profit and still understand the tech behind the product.



Health and Insurance has always been and still remains the pillar of our business and we are determined to increase our market share through acquisitions, mergers, customer retention, entering into new markets and subcategories and promoting research and development.

Why Choose Us?

As an investment management firm we seek stability, high performance and high returns.

At Spartan Ives Wealth our driving force is the desire to outperform the average returns of our peer over the short and long term.

While we seek high returns and growth we have mitigated our exposure to high risk investing by creating sustainable stand alone products and services in other industries ensuring that we stay profitable and sustainable regardless of how the markets are performing.

Spartan Ives Wealth


Our approach to invest and our philosophy behind choosing what and where we invest is guided by a goal to continually sustain the long-term needs of our clients. In doing so, we weigh each stock, company, idea and fund idea against a consistent set of standards to help us determine it's growth and return potential.


Our investment management capabilities are firmly grounded in the culture that emerged from our alignment with investors. As we design and manage investments, we are steadfast in our focus on helping our investors get the best possible outcomes. In doing so, we don’t take unnecessary risks with our investors’ hard-earned money for the possibility of short-term gains. We also build accountability into our process by tying portfolio managers’ compensation to the performance of the funds they oversee.


Our scale and global investment management capabilities allow us to serve investors worldwide and help them achieve long-term success. We combine our global investment infrastructure with local expertise to identify prudent investment opportunities across regions, industries, and issuers, and to advocate for investors around the world.


Our vision is not just to become one of the world's largest investment companies, We want to be your wealth and asset manager today and still be there to help your children’s children and their children, grow, prosper, create and sustain wealth.

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